Teachers and administrators know that building a culture of respect at schools starts the moment students walk in the door. Thanks to generous support from the Nissan Foundation, Tanenbaum’s Education program is pleased to provide resources to help you make your schools and classrooms more inclusive.

Though they can be used on their own, these materials are designed to supplement work begun in community-building trainings delivered by Tanenbaum staff. Our trainings teach vital knowledge and skills to teachers, students, and parents, including:

  • Understanding the difference between social identity, personal identity, and salient identity.
  • Recognizing religion as a form of social identity.
  • Recognizing and addressing stereotypes and bias as they pertain to religion.
  • Collaborative conflict resolution.
  • Strategies for developing inclusive learning spaces.
  • Respectful curiosity and active listening.

To learn more about our trainings or to schedule a training at your school, please email [email protected].

Checklist for Inclusive Lessons
Based on our Seven Principles for Inclusive Education, this checklist will help you make or modify lessons and activities to be more inclusive of your students’ unique identities.

Teacher Self-Assessment: Religious Inclusivity in the Classroom
Assess your strengths and growth areas in eight key areas of addressing religious diversity.

Teaching About Religion
This two-pager is an essential guide to understanding how to address the topic of religion in an inclusive and constitutionally sound manner.

Name Game Activity
This fun and interactive activity allows class members to introduce themselves and begin the process of exploring each other’s identities.

Who’s in the Room Activity
This brief activity, appropriate for a variety of occasions, allows students to make connections between the holidays they celebrate and see why it is important to respect each other’s special days.

Generously supported by The Nissan Foundation.