Tanenbaum combats religious prejudice, confronts hate, and builds respect for religious difference by transforming individuals and institutions.

What We Do


Tanenbaum works with the world’s leading companies to create religiously inclusive HR policies, and to provide practical resources on topics like establishing quiet rooms, and trainings on navigating religious diversity in the workplace.


Tanenbaum’s pedagogy, curricula, and trainings help educators create inclusive learning spaces where students learn social-emotional and critical thinking skills that prevent bullying. We teach students to respect all differences – including religious differences.

Health Care

Tanenbaum trains health care providers and institutions to recognize and respond to religion-based health decisions, leading to better patient-centered care, treatment options and health outcomes.


Tanenbaum’s Peacemakers in Action Network convenes religiously-motivated individuals who risk their lives to forge peace in some of the world’s most dangerous armed conflicts.

Interreligious Affairs

Tanenbaum strives to build a safer, more equitable world for people of all beliefs – by encouraging respect, self-critical research and cooperation among religious leaders from diverse beliefs and traditions.

Combating Religious Prejudice

Tanenbaum promotes justice and builds respect for religious difference by transforming individuals and institutions to reduce prejudice, hatred, and violence.

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Build a more peaceful world.

Tanenbaum combats religious prejudice, promotes justice, and builds respect for religious difference