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Do you want to prevent religious bullying in the classroom?

Learn how.

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Do you want to provide the best patient-centered care possible?

Start here.

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How dangerous is the
life of a peacemaker?

Meet the Peacemakers.

Combating religious prejudice.

Tanenbaum offers real world solutions to a real world problem: religious discrimination and hate.

Have you experienced religious prejudice? Has it happened at work? At school? At a hospital? Tell us your story.

Creating a more peaceful world.
Stop classroom bullying

World Olympics for All 2016 NMargaretten

Not sure whether you can legally teach about religion? Do you want to prevent/stop religious bullying by your students? Do you want to learn how to incorporate religion—as an aspect of diversity—in your lessons? Start here.

End workplace harassment

Business Meeting

Want to prevent (or eliminate) religious discrimination and bullying in your workplace? How about gaining a competitive advantage through your workplace diversity program? Start here.

Provide equal healthcare for all


Interested in how patients’ religious beliefs and practices impact their health? Do you want to provide the best patient-centered care possible? Start here.

Peacemakers in Action Vol. II


Tanenbaum’s groundbreaking new publication, Peacemakers in Action: Profiles in Religious Peacebuilding – Vol II is now available!

Order your copy on Cambridge and Amazon today!

Prosperity through combating religious prejudice

Don’t miss our new article on Thomson Reuters, an interview with Tanenbaum CEO Joyce Dubensky. Does religious tolerance help economic prosperity? Who are the Peacemakers? What can we tell young people given the problems our world faces?

From hate to harm: the alt-Right’s anti-Semitism in Montana

Jude Star

Read Tanenbaum’s reaction to the recent headlines about the alt-Right’s anti-Semitism in Montana. Check out our blog for more responses to the latest news events, and sign up for our weekly news roundup and updates.

The Dangerous Life of a Peacemaker

Combating Extremism in Syria
Synchronicity: MLK’s Birthday and the Inauguration

Read Tanenbaum CEO Joyce S. Dubensky’s reflections about MLK Day and the presidential inauguration taking place the same week.

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NYU School of Medicine
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