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Religion plays a major role in the decision-making of patients, but most medical professionals are not trained to address this when providing care. Tanenbaum trains doctors and nurses to understand how cultural competence and recognizing religion-based health decisions result in better patient-centered care.

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Learn more about interactive management trainings, briefings, workshops, grand rounds and webinars that build cultural competence in your health care organization.

Health Care Trainings & Consultations

Medical Curricula

Tanenbaum’s curricula for medical educators help train health care professionals to care for increasingly diverse patient populations. Click here to learn more.

Curricula for Medical Education


The free SimClinic uses web-based technology and gamification to teach medical students about religio-cultural competency, professionalism, and ethics. Click here to learn more!

Medical Education Through Simulation

“The Tanenbaum staff people exhibited the utmost professionalism and were cooperative and accommodating to Lutheran’s needs.”
Lutheran Healthcare

“I am pleased to highly recommend this excellent new resource to clinicians, educators and administrators who are interested in the needs of our increasingly diverse population.”
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

“An excellent source of information for nurses, who are often instrumental in helping patients get their religious needs met.”
California Institute for Nursing and Health Care

“I heartily recommend the Tanenbaum Center to healthcare professionals looking to enhance their skills and to take their cultural competence efforts to the next level.”
Mt. Sinai School of Medicine