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Health Care

Building Skills for Religio-Cultural Competence through Simulation and Gamification

The SimClinic uses web-based technology and gamification to teach medical students about religio-cultural competency, professionalism, and ethics. This simulated patient experience is free, and is designed to complement traditional methods of teaching these important concepts.

Module 1: Suzy

Module 2: Luke

Module 3: Mrs. Patel

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New Modules! Conscience Objections:

In May, during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, two doctors, brothers who follow the Sikh faith made the difficult decision to shave their religiously significant beards (called kesh) in order to accommodate the PPE (personal protective equipment) stocked by their hospital. At Tanenbaum, we believe that providers should not be faced with the decision of violating their faith or providing the best care for their patients.

Instead, we recognize this dilemma as an issue dictated by “conscience rules” or areas within patient care where a provider’s conscience may impact the care they are capable of providing. In order to better prepare and avoid situations like the one faced by the Sikh doctors, we created the following learning modules. Special thanks to our funder, the E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation.

Personal Conscience

Professional Integrity

Personal Preference

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