Interreligious Affairs

“Difference can be a source of enrichment rather than a threat.”
Rabbi Marc H. Tanenbaum

Peacebuilding informs our programs (Workplace, Health Care, Education, and Peacebuilding) by furthering the work of our namesake, Rabbi Marc H. Tanenbaum – to build a safer, more equitable world for people of all belief systems. Today, Rabbi Tanenbaum’s longtime scholarly partner, Judith Banki continues the research, analysis and dialogue that was such an important part of Rabbi Tanenbaum’s legacy. In Judy’s words:

Many sacred texts were forged in contrast to, and in conflict with, other communities of faith. These conflicts were both theological and temporal, limited by geography and time. Unfortunately, they became embedded in sacred scripture, “theologized,” creating a halo effect for prejudice that justifies hostility against religious “others.” Thus, the seeds of religious hatred may be found in the teachings of religion itself.”

Peacebuilding addresses this sensitive issue through education and dialogue, and in association with organizations such as the International Council of Christians and Jews, its International Abrahamic Forum, the Abrahamic Family Reunion, the Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations, which further self-critical research, mutual respect, and cooperation across religious lines, and in cooperation with leaders from the Catholic Theological UnionSacred Heart UniversityIona College, and other academic centers.”
– Judith Banki, Senior Advisor, Interreligious Affairs, Tanenbaum

To learn more, contact Judith Banki at [email protected].

About Judith Banki

Judith Banki is an internationally renowned writer, lecturer and expert in interreligious affairs.

About Judith Banki

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