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Tanenbaum is the global leader tackling religious bias in the workplace.

Every day, you interact with customers, clients, and colleagues of different religious backgrounds and belief systems. Addressing religion and belief as a facet of workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion, Tanenbaum provides proactive solutions to end workplace bias and promote meaningful workplace inclusion and representation. 
Tanenbaum assists workplaces with engaging trainings, robust consulting support, practical resources, and much more. Additional information can be found via the links below.

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Tanenbaum Membership

Formerly Tanenbaum’s Corporate Membership. Receive insider access to our subject matter experts. Get the help you need to address religious intolerance and diversity in your workplace.

Tanenbaum Membership

Religion at Work

Check out Tanenbaum’s comprehensive online diversity resource, Religion at Work.

Religion at Work

Trainings and Consultations

Discover how trainings and consultations can advance religious inclusion inyour workplace.

Trainings & Consultations

Downloadable Resources

Complementary resources include Tanenbaum’s Competencies for Respectful Communication, Holiday Fact Sheets, and more. 

Additional resources can be found at cost or as a member benefit on Religion At Work 

Downloadable Resources

Renowned workplace thought leader, Ted Childs, Principal of Ted Childs, LLC, shares his thoughts on the necessity of Tanenbaum’s Workplace Program and proactively addressing religious diversity in the workplace.

According to Childs, “The risk for companies who ignore the global issue of religion is loss of talent, loss of marketplace access.”

Childs explains the business imperative of proactively addressing religious diversity and shares his own experiences of meeting the challenges of managing a diverse workforce.

“We will certainly reach out to you again and again and again to help steer us in the right direction.”
Citigroup Inc.

“In my experience, webinars are a challenge to facilitate and the topic of religion has its own challenges. Yet you and your team did a masterful job in the delivery.”

“We recognize the importance of addressing religious diversity and are thankful that the Tanenbaum is available to serve as a resource to companies like us.”
Abbott Laboratories