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At Tanenbaum we equip employers and employees alike to create workplaces that are inclusive of all faiths and none. 

One way to build a culture of inclusion is to get the facts about diverse religious beliefs and practices. Below are Fact Sheets and other educational resources that can be downloaded and shared with your organizations and networks. 

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Religious Diversity Checklist
Find out how your workplace stands regarding religious diversity.

10 Bias Danger Signs
Tanenbaum’s 10 Bias Danger Signs are the obvious and subtle ways in which religion often arises in workplaces across all faith traditions, for both employees and customers. You can use Tanenbaum’s 10 Bias Danger Signs to proactively prevent conflict and misunderstandings in the workplace.

Eight Steps to the Accommodation Mindset
Read this document to learn how you can accommodate employees’ diverse religious backgrounds into the workplace in eight easy steps.

Find out what American workers really think about religion
Tanenbaum’s 2013 Survey of American Workers and Religion, conducted in March 2013, provides a comprehensive picture of American workers’ experiences with religious discrimination and bias in workplaces, as well as their perceptions of discrimination in American society.

Respectful Communication
Use Tanenbaum’s Competencies for Respectful Communication to prevent misunderstandings when talking to coworkers and employees about religion.

Navigating the New Workplace: Religion and COVID-19 Vaccines
What can we be mindful of in navigating religious exemptions to vaccine mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic? Tanenbaum shares an overview of Title VII implications, some common questions, and additional resources for consideration.

Islamophobia: Challenges and Opportunities in the Workplace

Recommendations: Speaking Out Against Antisemitism

Conscientious Refusals


Death and Mourning Rituals Fact Sheet
Be better prepared to support colleagues through experiences of death and mourning across religious traditions and practices with the information this fact sheet provides, including COVID-19 specific recommendations.

The December Dilemma
December is a time of year when holidays bring religious diversity issues to the surface in workplaces. This tip sheet provides proactive strategies for creating an inclusive workplace environment year-round.

Purposeful Conversations
This resource is a compilation of key takeaways from the 2021 Religious Diversity Leadership Summit presentation and can be implemented in workplaces across industries, regions, and regardless of employee position.

Religious Icons and Symbols: A Guide for Workplaces
Review this helpful guide to determine whether a given symbol or icon is appropriate for the workplace.

Religious Self-Identification
This fact sheet explores the employer’s role regarding religious self-identification and best practices for employers regarding questions about employees’ religious identity.