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Frequently Asked Questions

When and why was Tanenbaum founded?
Tanenbaum was founded in 1992, following the untimely death of Rabbi Marc H. Tanenbaum, a pioneer in interfaith dialogue and human rights. His widow, Dr. Georgette F. Bennett, founded Tanenbaum to continue pursuing his vision of a just world where religious difference is respected.

Read more about our history and namesake, Rabbi Marc H. Tanenbaum.

Is Tanenbaum a religious organization?
Tanenbaum is not a religious organization. Although our namesake was a religious figure, Tanenbaum has a secular, non-sectarian mission and focus. We neither promote nor denigrate religion or belief.

Tanenbaum’s programs give people the tools to negotiate issues involving religion effectively and with respect – in workplaces, schools, health care settings, and conflict zones around the world.

We advocate that all people, from the most devout religious observer to the most fervent atheist, deserve to be treated with respect. Because we remain religiously neutral, we more effectively work with people across all beliefs.

What’s Tanenbaum’s mission?
Tanenbaum promotes justice and builds respect for religious difference by transforming individuals and institutions to reduce prejudice, hatred, and violence.

As a secular and non-sectarian non-profit, Tanenbaum works to promote religious peacebuilders who help counter extremism and violence in armed conflicts, and to reduce religious bullying of students, harassment in workplaces, and disparate health treatment for people based on their beliefs.

How can I donate to Tanenbaum?
Thank you for your interest in donating to Tanenbaum. To make a one-time or recurring donation, please click here and visit our secure donation page.

When you make a monthly donation, you’ll join other like-minded philanthropists in the Peace Made Possible Giving Circle and enjoy these benefits.

How can I apply for a job or internship at Tanenbaum?
Open position descriptions and internship applications can be viewed on our Careers page.

We occasionally have opportunities to engage professional volunteers. Contact [email protected] if you have a skill or expertise you want to contribute to our work.

Will Tanenbaum work with my school, workplace, hospital?
Yes! Working with you helps us fulfill our mission. We provide solutions to address your organization’s unique needs through resources, trainings, and consultations. Simply Contact Us and someone will be in touch with you shortly!

How else can I get involved with Tanenbaum?
There are many ways you can be part of the Tanenbaum community. Explore our website to see the range of programs and resources you can use and bring to the settings where you spend your time.

Join our mailing list and follow us on social media to learn about upcoming virtual and in-person events and opportunities. Email us to learn more!