Prevent religious bullying in the classroom.

For 26 years, Tanenbaum has expanded multicultural education to include religious diversity. As an educator, parent, or student, use our practical tools to reduce and eliminate bullying and malice. Many Tanenbaum resources address or are aligned with Common Core Standards.

Combating Extremism: We offer free, practical, and educational resources each month that can be used at home or at work, in schools, places of worship, and in your community. Topics include the refugee crisis, countering extremism on social media, white supremacy, and more.

Free NCSS Webinars: Religion, Social Studies and You

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Lively, activity-filled lessons teach students about different religions. Our curricula offer educators the guidance they seek. Discover which are best for your classroom (K-12).

Curricula for Educators


The Seven Principles for Inclusive Education are for every teacher. Apply them to any classroom or lesson plan to increase equity and decrease exclusion.

Tanenbaum’s Pedagogy


Free downloadable resources (lesson plans, reading lists, and more) to help your students approach the world with enthusiasm, respectful curiosity and open-mindedness.

Education Resources

“Each child’s participation in this program serves as a seed for positive perceptions and attitudes that will continue to develop in their future years.”
Comptroller of the City of New York

“Tanenbaum has worked diligently to incorporate our philosophies into the services they provide and to respond to our changing needs as a growing school.”
Khalil Gibran International Academy

“The COEXIST curriculum is remarkably well-written and extremely important. My students and I are constantly learning invaluable conflict resolution skills!”
Newcomers High School: Academy for New Americans

“Cultivating Global Citizenship would be invaluable to any educator in our city school system.”
New York City Department of Education