Quiet Rooms: Getting Started

What is a Quiet Room?  A Quiet Room is a space in the workplace designated for prayer, relaxation, and reflection for all employees. It provides a temporary sanctuary in which employees can escape the fast pace of the work environment, while not interrupting general operations. Such a room can be tailored to the needs of each company’s workforce and changed to accommodate new employees’ needs over time.

How does creating a Quiet Room further my diversity efforts?  Without advocating or endorsing any particular religion or belief system, a Quiet Room provides a dedicated, comfortable space for individual or communal worship, or simple reflection during the workday. This is meaningful to employees who practice a religion requiring prayer at specific times (e.g. Muslims and Orthodox Jews) as well as to non-religious employees who simply seek time to meditate or reflect.

Why call it a Quiet Room?  Tanenbaum recommends calling the room a “Quiet Room” (as opposed to a “Meditation Room” or a “Prayer Room”) in order to be inclusive of both believers and those who may wish to use the room but do not consider themselves religious or spiritual.

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