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Learn more about our Monthly Giving Circle

Tanenbaum has been promoting justice and building respect for religious difference through the transformation of individuals and institutions for nearly three decades. Right now, we need your help more than ever. Religious conflicts here in the U.S. and around the world have divided people and with it, an increase in violence and mistreatment.

Help make peace possible in the U.S. and in conflict zones around the world by joining our newly created Monthly Giving Circle! When you join you will be providing support to our programs that create religiously inclusive HR policies, e-learning modules, curricula, and more!

For example, a monthly donation of:

  • $20 can provide classroom curriculum that teach respect for difference
  • $50 can counter disinformation and stop hate

Larger monthly gifts do even more!

  • $100 can help fund peacebuilding in areas of violent conflict
  • $250 can provide better care for patient’s with religious-based needs
  • $500 can help companies create a harassment-free workplace.

With Monthly donations come goodies!

Depending on what monthly level you choose, you could receive:

  • Tanenbaum Tote with Swag
  • Acknowledgment on our website
  • 2 tickets to our gala and more!

Click here to learn more about the great benefits when you join our Monthly Giving Circle!

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