Trainings & Consultations

With over two decades in the field, Tanenbaum’s extensive experience addressing religion and belief as a facet of global diversity, equity, and inclusion allows us to advise on better practices and impactful workplace policies. Combined with accessible trainings for all audiences and learning styles, Tanenbaum is uniquely positioned to assist your organization on its inclusion journey.

Tanenbaum’s Annual Religious Diversity Leadership Summit


Interactive Trainings/Workshops: Because every organization is different, Tanenbaum offers a range of training options and customizations to support your diversity needs. Trainings can be conducted in-person or via online platforms, affording many opportunities for interactivity and engagement. Trainings contain useful level-setting information, explorations of the ways in which religious diversity is present in the workplace, and helpful models and resources to apply to real-life scenarios. Clients also have the option of pre-recording trainings.  

Training options include, but are not limited to:

  • General employee lunch and learns,” introduces the concept of religious diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace with an emphasis on respectful communication.
  • Human Resources & Manager’s training, focuses on finding creative accommodations and better practices.
  • Our popular December Dilemma training, focuses on how to address the endofyear holiday season. 
  • Interfaith employee panels coordinated by Tanenbaum highlight the ways in which employees of all faiths and none are impacted by the presence of religion and belief in the workplace.

LEARN MORE: A comprehensive overview of the Workplace program’s trainings and services is available here to download and share.
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Tanenbaum works with organizations to create and implement religious diversity-related policies and practices in a concerted and intentional manner. Such policies and practices utilize an intersectional lens to ensure that all employees, regardless of how they identify, are supported in the workplace. Consulting topics can include, but are not limited to:  

  • The formation of faith-based and interfaith Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) 
  • Targeted policy reviews (accommodations, anti-harassment, etc.) 
  • The creation of Quiet Rooms 
  • Supporting employees and clients in uncertain times 

For additional information about our consulting work, please contact us at [email protected].