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Trainings & Consultations

With over a decade in the field, Tanenbaum knows what works and what doesn’t. Our extensive experience with global diversity allows us to advise on better corporate practices, policies and training techniques, and changing today’s workplaces in tangible ways.

Because every organization is different, Tanenbaum offers a range of training and consultation services so you can easily and effectively meet your diversity goals. All our services are conducted in close partnership with your company and are tailored to fit seamlessly into your existing organizational culture.

Tanenbaum’s Annual Religious Diversity Leadership Summit


Interactive Trainings/Workshops: Because every organization is different, Tanenbaum offers a range of training options so you can easily and effectively meet your diversity goals, from level-setting around important data on religious diversity, skills-building for managers, HR, and employee resource group (ERG) members, and making the business case for addressing religious diversity. Trainings, presentations, and facilitations can be customized based on your organization’s specific goals and objectives.

Training options include, but are not limited to:

  • General employee lunch and learns, focusing on how religion comes up in the workplace and respectful communication
  • Human Resources practitioner and manager’s training, focusing on finding creative solutions and better practices
  • December Dilemma training, focusing on how to address the winter holiday season
  • The power of faith-based ERGs, focusing on the benefits and opportunities of faith-based employee resource groups
  • Interfaith employee panels, coordinated by Tanenbaum and highlighting the experiences of diverse employees

Webinars: Tanenbaum conducts trainings either in-person or via webinar. The content for in-person and webinar trainings is essentially the same. The webinar format is advantageous, as it allows for potentially hundreds of participants. Webinars can also be recorded for use at a later date.

LEARN MORE: A comprehensive overview of the Tanenbaum Workplace Program trainings and services is available here to download and share. For additional information about the trainings and associated costs, please contact us at


Policy Reviews: Policy reviews ensure that your organization has policies in place that meet legal requirements and support accommodations of religious expression without placing an undue burden on the organization.

Custom Consultations: For when problems arise. We work with organizations to design interventions or plans to address specific religious diversity issues, ranging from forming faith-based Employee Resource Groups, to creating Quiet Rooms, handling December Dilemma issues, and much more.

For additional information about our consulting work and associated costs, please contact us at