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A comprehensive guide to ten major world religions and how their beliefs and practices influence your patients’ health care decisions. Use this book to improve patient centered care and cultural competence in health care.

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The Medical Manual for Religio-Cultural Competence: Caring for Religiously Diverse Populations

Purchase the softcover by clicking “Add to Cart” above. The Medical Manual for Religio-Cultural Competence is also available as an eBook for the Kindle and iPad (in the iTunes store).

Written by Tanenbaum and vetted with experts in religion and medicine, The Medical Manual details how religious traditions and practices affect medical decisions in ten major world religions – Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Shinto, Traditional Chinese, American Indian & Alaska Natives, and Afro-Caribbean.

With a wealth of tips and tools for your practice, it’s more than just a simple text: it’s a comprehensive guidebook and user-friendly workbook all in one.

Download the table of contents to see the breadth of what The Medical Manual offers