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When patients have more trust in their doctors, compliance and outcomes improve. And having your doctor look at you as whole person is a huge trust-booster.

Our trainings – workshops, grand rounds, conferences – have already reached over 2,000 providers and the tens of thousands of patients they treat each year. We help them build strong patient relationships, changing how care is provided.

Tanenbaum offers a wide range of training and education solutions to ensure that your facility becomes religiously competent from top to bottom.

Management Briefing: Religious Diversity in Health Care

Tanenbaum’s health care management briefing is a four-hour presentation designed to be an introduction to religious diversity and workplace issues in health care settings, as well as to religious diversity in the provision of health care. Half the session examines important trends and presents the business case for addressing religious diversity issues as they relate to employee retention, productivity,  and services offered. An overview of pertinent legislation, case law and best practices completes the session.

The second half is a two-hour introductory health care training session, which introduces management to how and why religion is relevant to health outcomes, and what to do when patients use religious beliefs to guide them in health care decisions.

Interactive Workshops: Ensure Religious Competency for Your Health Care Organization

Tanenbaum’s workshops are cognitive and skills-based sessions that include interactive components designed to give providers a chance to begin applying and practicing their new knowledge about religion and health in a concrete way. The particular topics and format are developed with the hosting health care facility. Trainings are available for residents, attending physicians, patient service associates, nurses/nurses’ aides, volunteers and other groups, such as nutritionists and lab technicians. The length of such sessions will vary depending on the audience and the curricula being provided.

Panel Discussions: Employee Religious Diversity Panels

Panel discussions are an economical way to introduce issues of religious diversity and create buy-in for further training. In large medical centers, it is often more impactful to use multiple panels over a period of months to provide maximum staff exposure. Using a careful screening process, staff members from diverse religious traditions willing to speak publicly about their own beliefs and experiences are selected as panelists. Panelists receive questions in advance to help them prepare their remarks, and then participate in a panel discussion and Q&A on the challenges of working respectfully in a religiously plural health care institution. The sessions are moderated by Tanenbaum staff.

Grand Rounds: Religio-Cultural Competence in Health Care Delivery

Tanenbaum delivers Grand Rounds sessions to create interest in and awareness of the topic of religious diversity in health care or to hone in on a topic of particular relevance to the institution. In all cases, the sessions highlights the many ways in which the religious beliefs of both patients and staff have a great impact on health care delivery and decision-making and the communication skills needed for identifying when those beliefs are relevant to a patient’s treatment plan.

Customized Programs: Target Religious Diversity Needs in Your Organization

Tanenbaum works with human resources, clinical education, pastoral care, or other relevant staff to design a customized presentation or training session for your organization.

Institutional Assessments: Comprehensive Religio-Cultural Competency

Tanenbaum’s institutional/environmental needs assessment provides health care facilities with a comprehensive analysis of their current level of religio-cultural competence including strengths, areas needing additional attention and practical recommendations for enhancements. The process includes confidential interviews; staff focus groups; policy, training and document review; and assessments of facilities and physical space.

Webinars and E-learning: Customized Religious Diversity in Health Care Training

Tanenbaum designs and conducts customized religious diversity in health care training for your managers and employees via the web. Our webinars allow medical institutions to invite an unlimited number of participants from multiple locations, maximizing the training opportunity and reaching a broader geographic audience. Self-directed e-learning modules help time-pressed staff work at their own pace to build religio-cultural competence to enhance the provision of patient-centered care.

Materials and Resources: Ongoing Support for Religious Diversity in Your Organization

To ensure that new hires are prepared to operated in a religio-culturally competent manner, Tanenbaum assists institutions in creating orientation materials that reflect that mission and prepare new employees to become a vital part of the institution during the onboarding process.

Tanenbaum’s newest resource, The Medical Manual for Religio-Cultural Competence: Caring for Religiously Diverse Populations is currently available for sale through our store.

Policy Review & Development: Support Accommodations of Religious Expression

Policy reviews ensure that your organization has policies in place that support accommodations of religious expression and institutionalize religio-cultural competence while meeting legal requirements. Proper accountability standards to support those mandates are often important to include.

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