Religions in My Neighborhood Resources

Religions in My Neighborhood Recommended Reading 
A complete list of books, with links to Amazon and other online retailers, referenced in the curriculum.

2013 Calendar of Religious Holidays from the Huffington Post

God in America
Documentary from PBS, with lots of supplemental resources connected to the film. The entire film can be watched for free online.


Rituals and Traditions About Light: Hopefulness and Waiting
This lesson introduces religious rituals and cultural traditions about light and the cycle of seasons.

Garden of Beliefs
This lesson helps students recognize the wide range of beliefs that they may notice among other children and their communities.

Spring Colors
This lesson introduces festivals associated with the vibrant colors, and the hope and renewal of the spring season. The lesson covers five spring holidays: Holi, Easter, Fassika, Sham El Nessim, and Earth Day.

Fitting In
Students explore the issues of home, belonging, fitting in, and what it’s like to feel different from one’s peers.

Respecting Each Other
Students learn why respect is important while developing their own practical definitions of respect and considering how to reflect these ideas in their behavior.