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Tanenbaum’s Curricula for Schools & After-School Programs

Our curricula bring multiculturalism into the classroom through academics: lessons of respect for difference are embedded into academic curricula in literacy, math, science, and more. Students learn to approach the world with an attitude of respectful curiosity and open-mindedness that will help them navigate the wider world.

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World Olympics

World Olympics (Second Edition Now Available!) 

With the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games coming this summer, now is the time to download the new second edition of our World Olympics curriculum! The new and revised lessons and activities allow students to learn about the Olympics as an example of an event where people with vast differences and remarkable similarities come together in the spirit of goodwill.  

Students will: 

  • Practice vital academic, social, and emotional skills 
  • Learn about teamwork and good sportspersonship 
  • Study the Olympics and the nations and cultures that participate in them
  • Put on their own class or school-wide Olympic games.  

The curriculum, geared to Grades 3-8 but readily adaptable, supplements pre-existing curricula or stands on its own for short-term implementation or after-school programs. 

Download your free copy of World Olympics today!

Religions in My Neighborhood

We are excited to present the Second Edition of our Religions in My Neighborhood curriculum!

Since its initial publication in 2012, Religions in My Neighborhood has reached tens of thousands of students across the country and internationally. This Second Edition contains new and updated lessons that increase the range of academic, social, and emotional skills students can practice.  

Students will: 

  • Practice respectful behaviors as they build an inclusive classroom community 
  • Explore each other’s beliefs, rituals, and values together with curiosity and empathy  
  • Learn why it is important to be an ally to people with different religious identities  
  • Understand how to stand up to intolerance.  

The curriculum, designed for Grades 3-8 but readily adaptable for lower grades, supplements pre-existing curricula or stands on its own for short-term implementation or after-school programs. 

Download your free copy of Religions in My Neighborhood today!


COEXIST is an interactive conflict resolution curriculum for high school students based on the case study of two Nigerians – one Muslim and one Christian – who were once at war with each other and came to use their respective religions as resources for conflict resolution.

The curriculum is suitable for social studies, global studies, peer mediation, and leadership courses. Students learn to identify the components of conflict and the skills used in resolving conflict. Students gain skills in communication, perspective taking, trust building, mediation, and negotiation. They walk away with skills for resolving the conflicts in their lives and building more cohesive communities.

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Changing Seasons, Changing World

Changing Seasons, Changing World, is a literacy-based, academically integrated guidebook of lessons for grades K-6, and a resource for teachers interested in bringing issues of religious diversity into their classrooms.

The lessons and activities explore connections between the changing seasons and the ways they are celebrated around the world. They also explore cultural/religious traditions and their connections to nature conservation and the protection of animals. With easily adapted lesson plans, teachers can empower students with an understanding that there are many different religious practices around the world with commonalities and differences among them.

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