About Tanenbaum’s Peacemakers in Action Network

SakeenaTanenbaum’s Peacemakers are the men and women doing the hard, dirty, grassroots work that tackles violence head-on. But you probably don’t know them. They include:

  • Two Nigerians – a Muslim and a Christian – who once tried to kill each other as opposing militia leaders. Today, they work together to stop armed conflicts in Nigeria and Kenya and across the Middle East.
  • A devout Muslim woman who founded 80 secret schools for girls in Afghanistan. Her work now reaches more than 10 million Afghans through those schools – and through health care and women-centric programs.

Tanenbaum established the Peacemakers in Action Network so they can:

  • Coordinate on-the-ground interventions in armed conflicts.
  • Help keep each other out of harm.
  • Provide each other with ideas and strategies for peace.

“The Peacemakers and their experiences reflect the courage, resolve and ethical determination of putting faith into action.”
– His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan

“Here’s the proof that religion can be an active and positive partner in the search for solutions. Tanenbaum is a pioneer in the application of religion to conflict resolution.”
– Sir Sigmund Sternberg, Co-founder of The Three Faiths Forum

“Tanenbaum is ahead of our time with its program Peacemakers in Action. It shines an important spotlight on a hidden tool in today’s dangerous world.”
– Nancy Soderberg, Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.

Meet the Peacemakers

Each Peacemaker has an exceptional story. Read about each here.

The Peacemakers Book

This book contains in-depth stories about 16 of the Peacemakers, and includes details on the methods they use to end violence.

Peacemaker Interventions

Tanenbaum connects the Peacemakers and sends them to one another’s conflict zones to help build peace. Read about our past interventions here.