The Peacemakers in Action Network

In every conflict, you can find men and women driven by their religious beliefs and ready to risk their lives to end death and destruction. From every different religion, Tanenbaum seeks these heroes out. We name them Peacemakers in Action and invite them to join our Peacemakers in Action Network. Each Peacemaker has a unique personal history and approach to making the world safe.

Tanenbaum facilitates their Network, enabling the Peacemakers to support one another and share knowledge and skills. Tanenbaum achieves that by:

  1. Bringing the entire Network together for capacity building retreats.
  2. Facilitating grassroots peacebuilding interventions – where select Peacemakers from different areas of the world travel to assist fellow Peacemakers’ efforts.
  3. Coordinating regular communication and calls, so that the Peacemakers can brainstorm together.

To learn more about each Peacemaker, click on their image.

Questions? Email us at [email protected].


South Sudan (2017)
James Lual Atak


Sri Lanka (2012)

Dishani Jayaweera

Bishop Ntambo

Democratic Republic of Congo (2009)

Bishop Ntambo Nkulu Ntanda


Uganda (2007)
Betty Bigombe


Syria (2007)
Hind Kabawat


Pakistan (2006)
Azhar Hussain


Ethiopia (2002)
Dr. Ephraim Isaac

Abuna Elias

Israel/Palestine (2002)

Abuna Elias Chacour

Rabbi Menachem

Israel/Palestine (2000)

Rabbi Menachem Froman


Israel/Palestine (2000)

Dr. Yehezkel Landau

Bishop Basilio do Nascimento

Timor-Leste (2000)

Bishop Basilio do Nascimento


Sierra Leone (2000)

Alimamy Koroma

Reverend Roy

Northern Ireland (1999)
Reverend Roy Magee