Religions in My Neighborhood

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Religions in My Neighborhood makes it easier to teach about religion
Tanenbaum’s curriculum, framed by Wiggins and McTighe’s Understanding by Design, makes teachers’ jobs easier. Teachers can use Religions in My Neighborhood as a stand-alone curriculum or as a supplement.

We are proud to present the second edition of our Religions in My Neighborhood curriculum for Grades 3-8! Features include: 

  • New and updated lessons and activities 
  • Strengthened alignment with Common Core ELA-Literacy, National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies, and Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning standards 
  • Tips for adapting the curriculum to K-2 settings 
  • Helpful reference materials on major world religions, social and emotional learning, and inclusive learning practices 

Religions in My Neighborhood builds respectful behaviors in students
Students will be able to: 

  • Collaborate in building an inclusive classroom 
  • Understand that differences between families, cultures, and religions are normal and to be celebrated 
  • Explore religious differences with empathy and respectful curiosity 
  • Recognize and challenge harmful stereotypes 
  • Build skills of active listening, respectful questioning, and showing concern for the feelings of others 

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Religions in My Neighborhood Advisory Board
Are you a teacher in the New York City area who is interested in integrating diversity education into your offerings? Tanenbaum is recruiting in-service educators who teach Grades 3-8 to participate in an advisory board that will work closely with Tanenbaum’s Education Program as it pilots the Second Edition of Religions in My Neighborhood. For more information, contact [email protected] today. 


“Tanenbaum’s newest curriculum – Religions in My Neighborhood – once again breaks through the barriers that perpetuate stereotypes and bullying. Effectively crafted, this curriculum is a resource for after-school educators and full-time teachers committed to helping children grow up without hate.

A must-have for every elementary school educator, this ground-breaking tool provides new ways of teaching academics, respect for all in our multicultural society and an accessible resource for teaching about religion, without promoting or denigrating any belief in the process.”     

Jack Lund, President and CEO
YMCA of Greater New York

“A great resource!”
You are an elementary school teacher. You know your students are working to make sense of the religious diversity in their classroom, their community, and the world. How can you help them feel comfortable noticing and talking about religious differences, grow up to embrace diversity, and work against intolerance? Religions in My Neighborhood is a highly accessible curriculum that can be adapted to a wide range of settings. Teachers can select lessons appropriate to their setting or adopt the curriculum whole cloth. A great resource!”

Benjamin Mardell, Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education
Lesley University

Mona Abo-Zena, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Technical Education Research Center

Religions in My Neighborhood is an outstanding and much-needed resource for educating young children about religious differences and commonalities. In far too many American classrooms, religious diversity is the ignored diversity. This failure to take religion seriously contributes to prejudice, discrimination, and division in what is now the most religiously diverse society in the world. Using the inspiring, creative lessons contained in this curriculum, educators can provide a sound foundation for religious literacy while simultaneously building understanding and respect among students of many faiths and beliefs.”

Charles C. Haynes, Director
Religious Freedom Education Project at the Newseum

“In our increasingly multicultural society that still struggles to talk about religious diversity, this new curriculum resource by Tanenbaum could not be more timely. Religions in My Neighborhood is invaluable for teaching children not only about religious diversity, but also about why valuing religious and other differences enrich our lives and our world. Packed with background information and activities, and aligned with learning standards, and an impressive model for teaching, this is a resource that we all should read and use today.”

Kevin Kumashiro, President
National Association for Multicultural Education