Downloadable Lesson Plans

We know you’re always looking for fresh ways to approach special classroom topics. We’re happy to provide you with seasonal lesson plans to help you acknowledge special topics in a creative and comprehensive way.  From the winter holidays to Black History Month, Tanenbaum helps you find new ways to help your students appreciate seasonal landmarks.

As always, all our lessons embed a substantive approach to the topic with lessons on cultural and religious diversity, inclusivity, and respect. Help your students learn to approach the world with an attitude of respectful curiosity and open-mindedness with the sample lesson plans below.

We’d love to hear your students’ reactions to the lessons and any ideas you have for additional seasonal lessons plans – contact us at [email protected].

Grades K-6

Researching Religious Peacemakers Lesson Plan
Skills: Research, Cooperative Learning, Organizing Information, Oral and Written Communication
Click here for a sample graphic organizer with information about Peacemaker Dishani Jayaweera

Exploring Beliefs about Religious Differences
Skills: Art, Social Studies, Cooperative Learning, Perspective Taking, Empathy

Rituals and Traditions about Light: Hopefulness and Waiting

Learning from Religious Differences
Skills: Comparative Analysis, Perspective Taking, Conflict Resolution

Exploring Beliefs about Caring and Sharing
Skills: Critical Analysis, Critical Thinking, Perspective Taking

The Winter Solstice
Skills: Literacy, Art, Geography, Social Studies

Thankfulness at Harvest Time (Autumn)
Skills: Art, Oral Communication, Brainstorming, Respect

Rituals and Traditions About Harvest (Autumn)
Skills: Art, Oral Communication, Comparative Analysis, Empathy, Perspective Taking

Iranian New Year Feast
Skills: Geography, Social Studies, Food Preparation, Nutrition

An Eggxcellent Adventure
Skills: Geography, Social Studies

Fitting In (Being Unique & Having Things in Common)
Skills: Comparing, Perspective Taking, Making Inferences

Olympic Nutrition (Science, Problem Solving)
Skills: Food Preparation, Cooperative learning, Organizing Information, Perspective Taking

Grades 2-6

Fall Interreligious Thanksgiving Feast
Skills: Art, Oral, and Written Communication, Budgeting, Math

My Traditions (Family Holiday Traditions)
Skills: Comparative Analysis, Music, Poetry, Oral Communication

Lunar Cycle (Seasons)

Immigration & Me (Family Histories & Family Traditions)
Skills: Reading Maps, Making Inferences, Interviewing, Organizing Information, Identifying Main Events

Grades 6-8 & 9-12

African American/Black Leaders
Skills: Religion, Literacy, Social Studies, History

Cultural Tea Party
Skills: Respect, Oral Communication, Perspective Taking

Hip-Hop Artists (Stereotypes & Religious Identity)
Skills: Religion, Literacy, Social Studies

Hip-Hop Lyrics (Activism & Bias)
Skills: Religion, Literacy, Social Studies

Interreligious Understanding Game
Skills: Cooperative Learning, Comparative Analysis

Every Day Math (10th Grade)
Skills: Math, Social Studies, Goal Setting

Elements of Conflict (Peace & Conflict Resolution)
Skills: Conflict Analysis and Resolution, Perspective Taking, Critical Thinking, Working in Pairs

Grades K-12

Respecting Each Other
Skills: Listening, Organizing Information, Working in Pairs, Critical Thinking, Cooperative Learning, Hands-on, Whole Group Instruction