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Building Community

Shared Visions

  • Platinum Rule: Offers translations of the world’s great religions’ statements of the Platinum Rule, to “Do unto others as they would want to be done to them.” 
  • Platinum Rule Video: Listen to members of different faiths share quotes that embody the platinum rule within their religious texts.  
  • The Golden Rule offers translations of the world’s great religions’ statements of the Golden Rule, to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” 
  • Shared Visions: Show how world religions view everyday topics in complementary ways, including education, forgiveness, and charity.
  • Shared Visions: On Women: A resource of diverse faith and belief perspectives on women. 
  • Shared Visions: Good Deeds: A new resource of diverse religions and beliefs’ perspectives on good deeds. 
  • Shared Visions: Courage: A new Shared Visions resource to remind us that across the world, diverse religions and beliefs recognize the power of fear and the importance of courage. Shared Visions prompt us to be curious about other religions and beliefs, to ask questions, and find answers. 
  • Calls and Prayers for Peace and Justice: Read calls and prayers for peace and justice from many of the world’s great religions and philosophical traditions. They echo common threads that connect us, regardless of our different beliefs or lack of belief. 
    • Questions for Consideration: A question sheet that may be used along with “Calls and Prayers for Peace and Justice”. Explore common themes, shared ethics, and similar visions of peace that emerge across different faith and philosophical traditions. 
  • Reflections on Nonviolence: A resource about diverse faith perspectives on nonviolence. 
  • Calls and Prayers for Peace and Justice 
  • Reflections on Nonviolence 
  • Shared Visions 

Refugee Crisis 


Top Banner: Religious leaders with Tanenbaum Peacemaker in Action, Dishani Jayaweera, Sri Lanka