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3,000 Conversations for Building Respect

Over the first thirty years of Tanenbaum’s work, we’ve seen the value of people having authentic and intentional conversations around building respect for religious difference, and what that means for them in their real lives. And for the people around them. 

3,000 Conversations for Building Respect is an opportunity for all currently within the Tanenbaum community, and those new to the community, to use our resources to explore: How do we practically/actually build respect for religious difference? What’s required of each of us? And how can we support each other in this endeavor 

We know that the work of building respect for religious difference happens both on the individual level and the institutional level. 3,000 Conversations is an opportunity for individuals to organically and purposefully engage with issues centered around promoting justice and building respect within and across our communities. 

3,000 Conversations reporting is an opportunity to record and share on the progress we’re making around the behaviors of building respect for religious difference. 

To contribute to our 3,000 Conversations series, either as a host or participant, please access the link below to record a short video, upload a photo, or simply write in text telling us more about a purposeful conversation you (and others around you) had around building respect. 

When sharing, you will be asked to give us more information about the event itself (when, where, how many people were present, etc.), and to share some personal reflections from the conversation about what the experience was like for you personally, as well as what you plan to do next!  

We ask that everyone answer the prompts from their own perspectives and only share insights you feel comfortable disclosing. 

HOSTS – CLICK HERE to share about a purposeful conversation that you convened and/or hosted, which you would like to share more about! 

PARTICIPANTS – CLICK HERE to share about a purposeful conversation that you participated in and would like to share more about!