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Tanenbaum’s Upcoming Peacemakers Retreat

Tanenbaum Peacemaker Bill Lowrey pictured at a Peacemakers in Action Working Retreat

We are less than three months away from the next Tanenbaum Peacemakers in Action Network Working Retreat!

Every few years, Tanenbaum brings together members of the Peacemakers in Action Network for a week-long gathering. The Peacemakers convene to learn from one another, share what’s working (and what isn’t) within their conflict contexts, exchange knowledge, refine their work, and sharpen skills in solidarity with fellow Peacemakers.

This year, Tanenbaum will host its eighth Working Retreat at Rose Castle in the United Kingdom, from September 18th to the 24th. We are thrilled to have the highest number of Peacemakers in attendance since any Retreat to date! A big thank you to the Rose Castle Foundation for partnering with us to help make this Retreat will be a success.

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