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World Peace Wednesdays: Nurturing Peace in Contexts of Global Violence

Tanenbaum is co-sponsoring a conference for theological educators and religious leaders, Nurturing Peace in Context of Global Violence, May 22-25 at The Interchurch Center, 475 Riverside Drive, New York City. 

Religious leaders throughout the world in every faith tradition are challenged today to be active agents of peace.

Nurturing Peace will explore questions that include: 

  • How can schools of theological education and faith-based grass roots organizations that are training religious leaders be more effective in teaching the ways of peace?
  • How can we all advance peacemaking more effectively within our various communities of faith?

Participants will work together to teach and learn about peacemaking both locally and globally and also to:

  • explore existing programs
  • develop a fuller analysis of what peace means within our diverse religious and cultural contexts
  • plan for more effective ways of teaching peacemaking.

Click here to learn more or register to attend.