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The New York Times publishes Tanenbaum’s letter condemning anti-Semitism

On Friday, The New York Times published “Swastikas, Slurs and Torment in Town’s Schools,” a story about anti-Semitic incidents in an upstate New York school district. Jewish students there report verbal abuse and swastikas on “walls, desks, lockers, textbooks, computer screens, a playground slide – even on a student’s face.”

This is exactly the prejudice–the every day hate–that Tanenbaum is committed to stopping.

That’s why I submitted a letter to the editor that was published this morning in the print and online version of The New York Times.

I invite you to read the story – and my response. Let me know if you see any such prejudice in your life. Let me know if you’ve worked to stop it – or if Tanenbaum can be of help in any way. And please let your friends know about this problem and about how we are standing up against it!








Joyce S. Dubensky, CEO