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Tanenbaum Launches Transforming Conflict Curriculum for Educators

Tanenbaum Launches Transforming Conflict Curriculum for Educators
New York, NY, July 19, 2023

The Tanenbaum | Center for Interreligious Understanding is excited to launch Transforming Conflict: Tools for Building Respect in Our Diverse World, a free curriculum advancing how conflict can be used as an opportunity to build respect for difference, rather than something to fear or avoid. Transforming Conflict, for grades 6 – 12, utilizes practical approaches for how to build respect for difference in their communities. Its interactive lessons help students create caring, respectful spaces where everyone can feel safe.

“What sets Transforming Conflict apart is the focus on conflict transformation, rather than just resolution. It encourages students to view conflicts as opportunities for collaboration and curiosity, empowering students with skills for respectful engagement in our diverse world,” said Mark Fowler, Tanenbaum’s CEO.

Click here to download the press release and learn more.

Click here to visit the Transforming Conflict page and download the new curricula.