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Peacemakers Working Retreat 2024

Solidarity. Community-building. Expert training. Problem solving. Space-holding.

These are a few of the big concepts that anchor the Peacemakers in Action Network at Tanenbaum, and more specifically, the Peacemakers in Action Working Retreat.

Every few years, Tanenbaum brings together the peace activists within the Network for a week-long gathering where they receive training both from one another and from international experts. This year, Tanenbaum will host its eighth Working Retreat at Rose Castle in the United Kingdom with the Peacemakers. It’s a precious opportunity to share what’s working (and what isn’t) within their conflict contexts, to plan future interventions, refine their work, sharpen their skills, and to share space in solidarity with their fellow Peacemakers from around the world.

These gatherings ignite collective action for the Network – from the inception of the Network as a community of practice in 2011, to drafting statements such as the 2019 Peacemakers in Action Statement on Gun Violence,  and planning collaborations across countries.

To support the Peacemakers in Action Network and Tanenbaum’s Peacebuilding program, visit Stay tuned for more about this year’s Working Retreat.