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Patient Recognition Week

Dear Friends,

National Patient Recognition Week is observed from February 1st, 2022 to February 7th, 2022. We celebrate and acknowledge all of the patients who are at the heart of Tanenbaum’s Health Care work. This week is unique because most health care recognition dates focus on providers and personnel rather than patients. Yet, patients play a crucial role in developing programs, trainings, and curricula. Building inclusive health care ecosystems would not be possible without the insightful feedback and personal experiences that patients share.

Providing religio-culturally competent care not only improves outcomes, but also allows clinicians and providers to recognize patients as their whole selves. Providers can strengthen relationships and build trust among patients through engaging in conscientious conversations about religion, spirituality, and medical decision-making. Application of Tanenbaum’s resources, such as The Medical Manual for Religio-Cultural Competence: Caring for Religiously Diverse Populations, and participation in Tanenbaum’s Conscientious Care webinar series can support providers in fostering meaningful interactions and appreciating those they care for beyond National Patient Recognition Week.

We hope you have a happy and healthy National Patient Recognition Week!

Warmest regards,

Rev. Mark Fowler, CEO, Tanenbaum and The Health Care Team