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Mourning with Kansas

Tanenbaum again joins a mourning nation. Once more, our country is scarred by the venom of hate, stereotypes and the violence that follows in their wake. The perpetrator – a known hater of Jews and others – turned his hate into violent action.

Today, on the eve of Passover, a Jewish holiday that celebrates freedom, we mourn the slaughter of three people – apparently because they were in places associated with the Jewish community. Three died as Christians in the wrong place at the wrong time. A grandfather, a 14-year-old, and a woman were freely living their lives yesterday. Today, their families, and all of us, are saddened – and horrified – by their loss.

Religious hate and violence are unacceptable whether they are in Overland Park, Kansas, elsewhere in the United States or fuel conflicts around the world. Passover should be a time to celebrate freedom and the right to live freely. It is not a time to be reminded that anti-Semitism and hate are alive and thriving.

Though there are no words to convey our shared sorrow, we do stand up for respect for all. We remain committed to actions that create a peaceful world where differences are respected.

Join us as we combat religious hatred – and violence – wherever it occurs.

With sorrow,

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Joyce S. Dubensky, CEO