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A Personal Note

Dear Friends,

This is my final email as Tanenbaum’s CEO because today, my dear friend and professional partner of many years—Rev. Mark Fowler—has become Tanenbaum’s next CEO. I am excited about Mark’s powerful vision and look forward to seeing it unfold in the years to come. I also look forward to working with him in my new role as CEO Emerita, Sr. Strategic Advisor.

For me, this is a moment to pause, to reflect on the last 18 years as Mark takes the helm.

I want to begin by thanking each of you for being part of my Tanenbaum journey.

Being Tanenbaum’s leader has been the gift of a lifetime, because I’ve been able to do the most important work of my life—battling bias, bigotry and hate, and helping create a world that respects religious difference.

You’ve all been part of my time here, through the many ways you’ve supported Tanenbaum.

I thank you for standing with us, as leaders, donors, volunteers, partners, allies, colleagues in the global institutions where we work and, of course, as our Peacemakers. And I thank those of you, who have also given me the gift of your friendship. Together, we’ve made some great strides toward putting the Golden Rule into practice.

I also remain forever grateful to our staff over all the years. Tanenbaum is not—and never has been—one leader or one person. We are our staff. And I appreciate each of them for the ways they challenged me, offered creative ideas, and for the laughter. Together, we made Tanenbaum stronger.

Sadly, the changes at Tanenbaum are occurring at a moment of national crisis. We are threatened by a global pandemic, a divided nation, and now outrage in the streets, yet again, because of hate and injustice. This is a time that requires all of us to stand together. So, whatever drives you…your faith, your values, your ethics, I ask you to continue standing with Tanenbaum as I will. If ever we needed to build a world that respects difference—it’s now.

I look forward to being in touch from time to time. But for now, I thank you once again for being part of my heart’s work,

Joyce S. Dubensky