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Imagine. Create. Build.

30th Anniversary: Imagine. Create. Build.

Tanenbaum invites you to join us for a year of celebration!

Thirty years ago Tanenbaum’s founder Dr. Georgette Bennett imagined a world that included and respected people of all faiths and none. Since that time Tanenbaum has built practical programs to bring this vision to life. Please join us at the following events as we celebrate our 30th Anniversary. There are many opportunities to support Tanenbaum’s work, click here to learn more about the benefits of becoming our 30th Anniversary Celebration Presenting Partner and our 30th Anniversary Celebration Sponsor, along with ways to sponsor individual events.

Divinely Inspired: Celebrating our Differences through Art
Tanenbaum will launch its 30th Anniversary at the Rubin Museum of Art on January 25, 2022 with a reception and art auction featuring international artists inspired by their diverse faiths.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Tanenbaum will host a screening on March 8th of the true story of a Muslim woman and a Jewish woman, who join hands to stop the wave of white supremacist hate.

Religious Diversity Leadership Summit
Tanenbaum’s annual Religious Diversity Leadership Summit is a unique opportunity to explore ways in which religious diversity shows up in the workplace. May/June 2022.

Tanenbaum Takes A Night Off!
Comedy Show

The 30th Anniversary edition of our Comedy Show in May/June is sure to keep you in stitches.

30th Anniversary Gala: Peace Made Possible
Our Annual Gala will have extra sparkle, shine, and surprises as we celebrate 30 years of building a world that respects difference.

Summer Soiree
An intimate evening celebrating, networking, and socializing with a community of Tanenbaum’s most loyal supporters. Join us in July/August 2022.

30th Anniversary Party
We will celebrate our Anniversary year in December by gathering our community of top supporters for an exclusive social hour.