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World Refugee Day 2023

Peacemaker in Action Hind Kabawat (left) with colleagues in Geneva

Peacemaker in Action James Lual Atak with the NLM and LUV Teams

By the end of 2022, the UNHCR reported more than 108 million people worldwide had been forcibly displaced, with an increase of 8 million people from 2021.

This number includes 35.3 million refugees, the majority of which come from Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Venezuela, and South Sudan. Today and every day, Tanenbaum and the Peacemakers in Action stand with refugees and asylum seekers around the world, particularly in the midst of several world crises.

Syrian Peacemaker in Action Hind Kabawat works with Syrian refugees in Turkey every day through her organization, Tastakel. Through interfaith dialogue and conflict resolution skills, Tastakel seeks to serve Syrian society and lead it to a holistic recovery. Read some of Tastakel’s success stories here.

Afghanistan has known conflict for more than 40 years. Entire generations of Afghans have never seen peace in their country, yet its peacebuilders persist. The Afghan Institute of Learning services hundreds of thousands of people every year through its classes and clinics, and reaches thousands more through its broadcasting channel Radio Meraj. The impact of Peacemakers in Action like Dr. Sakena Yacoobi and Jamila Afghani have become essential to the lives of Afghanistan’s displaced population. Visit Sakena’s Sakena Fund and Jamila’s NECDO to learn how you can further support their work.

In South Sudan, Peacemaker in Action James Lual Atak and New Life Ministry (NLM) are a haven for forcibly displaced women and children. New Life Ministry hosts and educates 600 children and provides clinical services to thousands of surrounding community members. James and his team recently celebrated NLM’s 20-year anniversary by hosting a free week-long clinic, treating more than 2,000 people in just a few days. To support James and New Life Ministry, visit LUV.

These are just a few stories of the impact that locally based peacebuilders can have in their communities. The Peacemakers in Action, and their peacebuilding peers around the world, do this work daily.

Learn more about how to support the Peacemakers in Action Network including Hind, Sakena, Jamila, and James.