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Promote Equity, Inclusivity & Social-Emotional Growth with Tanenbaum’s Curricula

Dear Friends,

We are excited to announce the launch of second editions of our Religions in My Neighborhood and World Olympics curricula. We are pleased to offer these updated curricula free of charge as downloads from Tanenbaum’s website.

Bullying and intolerance related to religion remain serious problems in schools. Our curricula provide interactive lesson plans and hands-on activities that build behaviors of respect and foster students’ social and emotional growth.

Religions in My Neighborhood helps students celebrate the religious differences in their own communities. Students will build agreements for a caring classroom, learn about different kinds of families and family traditions, explore each other’s beliefs, and examine how and why to be an ally to people whose beliefs are different from their own.

World Olympics teaches students the value of cultural and religious diversity through the Olympic Games. Students practice teamwork, study the Olympics and the nations and cultures that participate in them, and hold their own class or school-wide Olympics.

Our updated second editions feature new and revised lesson plans that are fun, easy to use, and fully aligned with national learning standards.

Click here to download your free copies today!

Best wishes,

Tanenbaum’s Education Team