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The “Democratic Experiment” & Why Tonight’s Debates Matter

Tonight, the top 10 Democratic presidential candidates for 2020 will face off, and that’s important. Tanenbaum is watching—and hoping—that they’ll address the bigotry and hate that leads to violent attacks on houses of worship, shootings that target people because of their race or religion, and the 17% percent increase in hate crimes. How will they each respond to rising extremism? We want to hear!

We’re not the only ones who believe that democratic debate matters in the battle against hate. Just listen to former Charlottesville Mayor, Michael Signer, as he shares his vision for healing in the days, months, and years after the Unite the Right rally. He makes strong connections, including why our “democratic experiment” can be a force for overcoming hate.

It’s time for us all to participate in our democracy by learning about the candidates in both parties, selecting the best leaders, and then by holding them accountable. Together, we can counter extremism, and build a more peaceful country.

Joyce S. Duebsky
Tanenbaum CEO

P.S. Join us in reflecting on the ways your own community did or would respond if the Unite the Right rally came to you.