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Tanenbaum Launches LGBTQ+ Youth Health: The Role of Religion

In 2023, at least 510 anti-LGBTQ+ bills were introduced in state legislatures across the U.S., many of which fell at the intersection of LGBTQ+ health and religion.

Tanenbaum’s Health Care team created LGBTQ+ Youth Health: The Role of Religion in response to the rising challenges of receiving accessible care for LGBTQ+ youth. This training module helps health providers discuss sexual orientation and gender identity with patients and families of diverse religious and cultural backgrounds.

Doctors, nurses, and health care professionals who use this training will better understand the health inequities and disparities that disproportionately affect LGBTQ+ youth, assess how social identifiers such as religion may impact LGBTQ+ youth patients, and develop skills to respectfully navigate the intersections of belief, religion, and LGBTQ+ health.

Access LGBTQ+ Youth Health: The Role of Religion on Tanenbaum’s website, and learn more about Health Care’s offerings by emailing [email protected].