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Survey Event: The approaching tsunami of diversity

Yesterday, Tanenbaum hosted an event and panel discussion that was (arguably) the most exciting in human resources history.

The event’s focus was our recent survey, What American Workers Really Think About Religion, and included an in-depth data breakdown, a rousing keynote address, and some exceptional insights from our panelists.

Some of the noteworthy thoughts and quotes from the event:

  • When God is the spirit that drives hate, we never arrive at a good destination.
  • In the very near future, if not already, faith will be the greatest people-related challenge in the world.
  • When building a company for success, you must build a quality team that delivers a quality product to the market. Faith cannot be a divisive factor in that.
  • Businesses need to recognize the business case for proactively addressing religious diversity.
  • People are too worried about opening Pandora’s Box. This worry is fear-driven and destructive.
  • This element of diversity (religion) will overwhelm us. It is the tsunami of the inclusion movement.

And at the closing, Joyce Dubensky, Tanenbaum’s CEO, offered solutions for companies to deal with religious diversity at work:

First, create proactive policies for dealing with religion in the workplace. Then, communicate those policies clearly. In order for the policies to be effective, they must be enforced uniformly and consistently. Finally, ensure that there is a clear process for registering religion-related complaints and that each complaint receives a response.

The survey is available as a free download and, if you have any workplace specific questions, our team can be reached at [email protected].