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Support Peacemakers Like Bill

Our Peace by Piece campaign ends today! Help us bring the Peacemakers together from all over the world to strengthen their peacebuilding work.

Peacemaker Reverend William Lowrey (Bill) works closely with Tanenbaum. Amid the desperate conditions in Sudan – which has been ravaged by wars that have stolen two million lives and displaced over four million people – Reverend Dr. William Lowrey fights for peace and reconciliation. In the south, he dedicated himself to observing Nuer and Dinka people’s peacemaking methods, discovering the deep wisdom of their practices as he integrated their traditional methods with modern theories of conflict resolution. Learn more about Bill and the Working Retreat here.

To support Reverend William Lowrey and others making a difference every day in their communities, please consider making a gift to the Peace by Piece campaign here. To make a donation to this campaign you can also text PEACEBYPIECE to 44-321.