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Physical Distancing and Social Supporting

Dear Friends,

This is a challenging moment for all of us. COVID-19 (coronavirus) has forced us into new realities.

Like so many of us, at Tanenbaum, we’re taking precautionary steps and are carefully considering how to move forward in these difficult times. As of now, I am grateful to report that all our staff are well, and working off-site. We’re keeping in touch regularly and staying focused on what needs to be done.

We are also planning ahead—because we know that times of uncertainty have a history of breeding dehumanization, suspicion and violence.

And this is certainly a time of uncertainty. Sadly, but not surprisingly, we’re already seeing people turn on one another. Right now, the targets seem to be people from other countries, starting with those from pan-Asia and now people from Europe. We see the demonization starting…and know it’s likely to spread.

So, what can we all do preemptively? We have 3 ideas…and ask you to share yours.

  • Social Distancing = Physical Distancing + Social Support. That means you can…
    • Be in touch without touching.
    • Make a phone call for every hand you can’t shake.
    • Do something to help the most vulnerable for every embrace you must avoid.
  • Second, identify something that makes you feel better and do it…whether it’s prayer or your spiritual life, meditation, exercise, calling your Grammy, or listening to your favorite music.
  • And finally, remember that no matter what you believe, we all share the Golden Rule. Let’s do unto others as we would have them do to us.

Fear has too often been weaponized, so let’s counter that tendency. This is a time for kindness and caring, and a time to help one another no matter who we are, how we disagree, or what we believe.

With hope that you and yours are well, that we are all safe, and that together we can keep fear at bay,

Joyce Dubensky,
Tanenbaum CEO