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Peacemaker Rabbi Froman Condemns Vandalization of Mosque

As peace talks between Israel and Palestine resumed, a mosque in the Palestinean town of Beit Fajar was vandalized with Hebrew graffiti and set on fire Monday. Residents of the town believe the arsonists were Israeli settlers from the nearby settlement of Gush Etzion. In an act of solidarity, Tanenbaum Peacemaker in Action Rabbi Menachem Froman and other rabbis from Israeli settlements visited the mosque to condemn the attacks, bringing with them a dozen Korans.

Rabbi Shlomo Brin explained the rabbis' reasons for visiting the mosque, saying, "Our goal is to share our horror at the attack of the mosque and to clearly state that this is not the way of the Torah or the Jewish way" (BBC reports).

Rabbi Froman is a key mediator in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and has spent his life promoting reconciliation between Jewish settlers and Palestinian residents in the West Bank and Gaza.