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Over the next few weeks we will be featuring some of the participating artists and their work in anticipation of our online auction for Divinely Inspired and the culminating reception at the Rubin Museum of Art on February 28th. We are looking forward to seeing you as we come together to celebrate our differences through art. Tickets and sponsorships for the in-person event are available now. The online auction will launch February 14th.

Nabil Nahas, Untitled 2005

Artist: Nabil Nahas

Artwork: Untitled 2005

Artist inspiration: Drawing inspiration from the decorative patterns of Islamic art and the American abstract painting of the mid-20th century, painter and mixed-media artist Nabil Nahas makes innovative use of organic materials, including seashells and starfish, which he casts in acrylic paint and mounts on a support. His works have an all-over composition suggestive of biological growth and the patterning of nature. In his more recent paintings, Nahas has introduced imagery referencing the trees and other plant life of his native Lebanon.

Artist: James Rosenquist

Artwork: Sailor-Speed of Light

James Rosenquist, Sailor–Speed of Light

Artist Inspiration: A creative riff on Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, the Speed of Light series of artworks addresses the distance perspective of the artist compared to the viewer of an artwork. In Sailor-Speed of Light the artist and the viewer are active participants or passive passengers in the swirling universe of common existence.

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