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International Nurses Day: Supporting the Next Generation of Nurses

May 12th is International Nurses Day, a moment to uplift and support the next generation of nurses. Nurses are educators, advocates, and a comforting presence to patients and families. Tanenbaum’s Nursing Curricula supports nurses-in-training to provide religiously appropriate and improved care by giving them the tools to respectfully communicate with patients and families.

Through case-based learning, discussion, role play and lecture, students explore the many intersections of religion and health care, such as:

  • Religion, identity, and health equity
  • Taking a spiritual history
  • Ethical concerns of religion as it relates to pediatrics

Developed in partnership with Columbia University’s School of Nursing, this resource accounts for the diverse beliefs, experiences, and populations nurses will encounter. To learn more about Tanenbaum’s Nursing Curricula and resources to support nurses-in-training, email [email protected].