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Health Literacy and Respectful Communication Go Hand in Hand

A key component of health literacy is communication that respects the religious and cultural identities of individuals and communities. Expand your health literacy with the comprehensive information in Tanenbaum’s Medical Manual for Religio-Cultural Competence today. This valuable resource provides tools to enable providers to communicate respectfully with people of religiously diverse backgrounds.

Health Literacy Month, observed each October, is dedicated to improving personal and organizational health literacy across the globe. You don’t need to be an expert in every religion to improve your literacy in navigating the intersections of religion and health care. Tanenbaum’s Medical Manual for Religio-Cultural Competence improves health literacy by providing:

  • An overview of 11 major world religious traditions.
  • Detailed discussions of how each religion intersects with health care.
  • Tips and tools for spiritual assessment, culturally competent communication, and overcoming barriers to care.

To learn more about all the resources of Tanenbaum’s Health Care program, please contact [email protected]