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Celebrating Bishop Ntambo

On Thursday, November 11th, Tanenbaum President Georgette Bennett and her husband, Leonard Polonsky, graciously opened their home to the family, friends and guests who gathered to be present when 2009 Peacemaker in Action awardee Bishop Ntambo Nkulu Ntanda received his award.

The award was presented by Professor Pamela Couture of Emmanuel College at the University of Toronto, who has long been studying the Bishop’s work and nominated him for the Peacemakers award.

Bishop Ntambo, visibly moved, spoke eloquenty and inspiringly about his peacemaking work in the Democratic Republic of Congo, thanking the governmental, community and religious leaders with whom he works day in and day out to sustain peace in the Kamina area of the DRC and vowing to continue his critical work.

Full transcripts of his remarks are coming soon; we’ll tweet when they’re available. You can also check out pictures from the event, or learn more about Bishop Ntando.