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Celebrate Dr. Judith Banki with Us!

Dr. Judith Banki, Senior Advisor Interreligious Affairs

This year, among our celebrated Gala Honorees you will find a particularly special jewel named Dr. Judith Banki. 

As many of you know, Judy has led Tanenbaum’s work in interreligious understanding since the organization was but a glimmer of an idea in our founder’s mind. We are so very grateful for her, and all she has accomplished and continues to achieve. 

Judy means the world to all of us at Tanenbaum. We know she means as much to many others in the Tanenbaum community. And so we are offering the following opportunities to honor Judy in your own way: 

  1. Please consider a contribution in honor of Judy. Be sure to complete the section on our donation page that indicates who the gift is in honor of. You can just write -Judy! 
  2. We have a special campaign, Celebrating Judith Banki, set up to collect stories and reflections from those who know or have worked with Judy during all her years working in interreligious affairs.  Simply click here to record a video, or submit your thoughts in writing to share your memories with Judy. (To submit a video, you can record yourself directly through your device, or upload a pre-recorded video. To record live, please be sure to allow MemoryFox to access your camera.)

October 19th is sure to be a wonderful 30th anniversary celebration. Honoring Judy makes it even more significant. If you haven’t made plans to join us for the Gala please do!