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Business for Peace: Inaugural Event in Istanbul, Turkey

On September 29-30 Business for Peace (a platform run by the U.N. Global Compact) will hold its inaugural event in Istanbul, Turkey. This event will focus on how the private sector can help promote peace.

The incredible work done by Business for Peace is closely related to the work Tanenbaum does to promote religious diversity and inclusion for employees. Both Tanenbaum and Business for Peace understand that the private sector can create policies and practices that help make the world more peaceful and respectful of differences. In addition, the work we do is often symbiotic—countries that are peaceful and free from religion-based violence are more likely to have inclusive and respectful workplaces, while companies who ensure that employees of all religious beliefs and none are respected in the workplace can help promote peace on a more global scale.

We wish Business for Peace luck with their inaugural conference and thank them for their important contributions.