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October is Bullying Prevention Month

With millions of students and educators engaged in the 2022–2023 school year, October is an important time to consider the social and emotional hurdles of bullying. 

In-person and online bullying impacts students twenty-four hours a day. We encourage educators, parents, and mentors to take some of this month’s 744 hours to learn how to stop dangerous bullying behaviors. 

Respect for each other’s differences helps prevent bullying as students approach differences with curiosity instead of fear. Tanenbaum’s World Olympics and Religions in My Neighborhood curricula help teachers build this respect in their students. Our one-on-one and group consultations address non-inclusive behavior that can lead to religious, cultural or ethnicity-based bullying. 

Access Tanenbaum’s diverse selection of free and downloadable activities and other resources here. You may also call 212-967-7707 to schedule a conversation with a Tanenbaum education consultant or email the Education program any time at [email protected]  

 Together, we can address and prevent bullying well beyond October 2022. 

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