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Ambassador Richard Holbrooke Inspires Tanenbaum

In 1997, the late Ambassador Richard Holbrooke was honored by Tanenbaum for his life’s work in diplomacy.  Ambassador Holbrooke, who served as a senior U.S. diplomat for decades, graciously accepted his award; but he also offered a bit of advice to Tanenbaum’s President and founder, Dr. Georgette Bennett. Instead of recognizing his work or the work of traditional Track I diplomats, Ambassador Holbrooke encouraged the organization to honor local, grassroots peacemakers — the selfless few who put their lives at risk each day for peace in their communities. By awarding these brave individuals for their tireless work, Tanenbaum would not only be shining light on their less recognized peacemaking work, but might also be providing much-needed international cover for those who are actively threatened and harassed for conducting their work.

And thus the Peacemakers in Action Award was conceived.

Since 1998, Tanenbaum has named 30 Peacemakers in Action from 23 different conflict zones. Today, those Peacemakers in Action belong to their own unique Peacemakers in Action Network. As an official Network facilitated by Tanenbaum, the Peacemakers have delivered successful collaborations to help transform conflicts, reconcile people and build a more peaceful, just, and sustainable world. They have worked together over the years in Nigeria, Honduras, South Africa, Indonesia, Colombia, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Sri Lanka, and the United States.

On Monday, November 2, 2015, HBO will air The Diplomat, a documentary by David Holbrooke which examines the life and career of David’s father, Ambassador Richard Holbrooke.  We encourage you to learn more about the man who inspired Tanenbaum to identify, honor, and promote the work of religiously motivated peacemakers from around the world.

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