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21 Years After 9/11

September 11th marks a day in which nearly 3,000 lives were lost, and many more were changed forever. Twenty-one years later, we still see the impact 9/11 has on the misrepresentation of Muslim communities within the media amongst Americans, and reverberated globally. Public fear continues to be manifested into harmful and misinformed narratives of Arab Americans and Muslims, and those perceived to be Muslim, as violent threats, resulting in a stark rise in Anti-Arab and Anti-Muslim hate crimes. 

On Sept 13, Tanenbaum is hosting a virtual screening of the documentary, Refuge. Refuge captures the story of Chris Buckley, a former white supremacist whose proclaimed hatred for Muslims began when the planes hit the Twin Towers twenty-one years ago. As reflected in Chris’ journey, 9/11/01 became an unjust catalyst for the hostility aimed at an entire identity. Join us on Tuesday, September 13 and listen to Chris share the steps he took to confront his own prejudice and move away from hate. 

Below is an offering of resources to learn about the devastation brought forth that day, and commit to addressing misinformation that fuels hate. Read personal stories from Tanenbaum staff, raise your awareness on the severity of prejudice and stereotyping following 9/11, and join upcoming conversations discussing the Muslim experience in the U.S. since 9/11. 

If you use any of the resources listed below and would like to share your thoughts, we are listening. We invite you to contribute to our 3,000 Conversations for Building Respect series by submitting a reflection or conversation. 





Let this day be a reminder that we cannot collectively punish a segment of the population for the actions of a few, no matter how horrific. What we can do is continue to create room to listen and practice behaviors that encourage us to stand together as opposed to apart.