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World Peace Wednesdays Begin December 5

Starting Wednesday, December 5, Tanenbaum is launching World Peace Wednesdays, a social media campaign to encourage people around the world to share ideas about how we can achieve world peace.

Follow us on Twitter for hourly tweets featuring quotes, questions, links and more. Like us on Facebook  to keep posted about our weekly World Peace Wednesdays blog that will include videos of Tanenbaum’s Peacemakers in Action. Subscribe to Tanenbaum’s YouTube channel to be the first to see our World Peace Wednesdays video.

Imagine a more peaceful world that respects difference. We are committed to making that vision a reality—and we would like your help.

Please tell your friends, share with your family and get your social media fans & followers to help us raise awareness and bring the world one step closer to world peace. Click here for a sneak peek of our first World Peace Wednesdays video.