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Women of Faith Advancing Economic Development

Dear Tanenbaum Community,

On March 14, Tanenbaum joined the Network for Religious and Traditional Leaders in a webinar with women and young women of faith advancing economic development as part of the 66th session of the Commission on the Status of Women. 

The event spotlighted how each panelist, including Tanenbaum Peacemaker in Action, Dr. Sarah AK Ahmed, works to improve local economies by creating employment for women and young women in all of their diversities. Panelists joined from Mali, Syria, Iraq, and Nigeria to communally voice the value of women as peacebuilders and changemakers. Speakers dove into questions addressing solutions to help bolster women’s participation and leadership in the workforce, while highlighting the connection between women’s economic empowerment and peacebuilding.  

Watch the CSW 66 webinar to learn how these panelists strive to break the barriers women in peacebuilding often face, debunk the misinterpretation that may accompany religious beliefs surrounding women and their abilities, and emphasize the need for women in leadership positions in order to seize a more sustainable and equitable future.  

After watching the webinar, we welcome you to join our 3,000 Conversations for Building Respect by clicking here and sharing your thoughts as a webinar participant. 3,000 Conversations reporting is an opportunity to document the progress we’re making around building respect for religious difference. 

In solidarity,

Rev. Mark Fowler,
CEO, Tanenbaum